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CiLCA 2013



CiLCA - Certificate in Local Council Administration
The National Training Strategy has developed a customised qualification for the sector, the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA). This core skills qualification is awarded to those who submit a portfolio of evidence, within 12 months of registering, demonstrating the skills they have in local council administration.

The 2013 CiLCA portfolio guide

The qualification was revised and re-launched in 2013 all those already registered in England will undertake the 2013 guide.  If you have not yet registered, further information regarding CiLCA 2015 is available here.


Experienced clerks may feel able to prepare their portfolio of evidence without training, however County Training Partnerships have been established to provide a choice of training opportunities, designed to meet the needs of the Certificate in Local Council Administration.

Note also that clerks holding the Certificate of Higher Education in Local Policy (or the earlier CertHE in Local Council Administration) awarded before July 2004 by the University of Gloucestershire are exempt from the Certificate in Local Council Administration, as competence has already been demonstrated and assessed through this advanced training course. They will however need to undertake individual stand alone sections in order to exercise certain powers eg The General Power of Competence.

2012 CiLCA section 7 – The General Power of Competence 
PLEASE NOTE - YOU WILL NOW NEED TO COMPLETE SECTION LO7 OF CILCA 2015 (Further information to follow shortly)

For those students who are eligible to take section 7 in isolation (please see below) you should complete section 7, complete and attach the submittal form then post with the £30 fee to the Society head office (full submission details can be found on the form). If you have undertaken training for this section and been awarded a Certificate of Attendance, please also attach a copy of that certificate.

If you are required to resit section 7 in isolation you should complete another submittal form, then post with the £30 fee and your revised section 7 to the Society head office.

Eligibility to take section 7 in isolation:


  • If a clerk holds the old CiLCA, CiLCA 2008 or AQA then section 7 in the 2013 guide must be passed as a stand-alone module in order to exercise the General Power of Competence.
  • If the clerk holds a qualification from the University of Gloucestershire, section 7 in the 2013 guide must be passed as a stand-alone module in order to exercise the General Power of Competence.
  • If you do not hold any qualifications presently you are required to pass the 2013 CiLCA in its entirety.

CiLCA 2013 Fee Structure 

The current registration fee for CiLCA is £250.

The current re-sit fee structure for CiLCA is:  
1 module £50
2 modules £60
3 or 4 modules £80
5, 6 or 7 modules £100
Over 7 £125

If successfully passed, you will be written to informing you of this, enclosing your certificate. After the appropriate storage time, your portfolio will either be returned to you or destroyed as indicated on the formal details page of your submission.

To download the re-sit form for CiLCA click here.

Information on CiLCA 2013

Chief Verifiers Report 2013

Chief Verifier's Report 2012

Chief Verifier's Report 2011

CiLCA Plagiarism Policy


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