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Current Students

Click the links below to read what our Community Governance students have been up to:

Click here to read 'Reviving a Community Centre in Decline' from The Clerk magazine (January 2017 edition). Community Governance student, Yvonne Colverson, reflects on a scheme to bring Hepthorne Lane Community Centre back to life.

Click here to read 'What is the Community Governance Course?' by Assistant Course Leader, Dom Stapleton (as featured in the March 2017 edition of The Clerk)

Click here to read about the 2017 Community Governance Awards (as featured in the May 2017 edition of The Clerk)

Click here to read 'My Experience of Community Governance' by Jacqueline Webster (as featured in the September 2017 edition of The Clerk)

Click here to read 'Sarah's Qualification Journey' and 'Karen's Qualification Experience' (as featured in the September 2017 edition of The Clerk)

'My confidence as a clerk has increased ten-fold since being a Community Governance student just from that added depth of
understanding of legislation. It’s also good to know that we aren’t alone in what can sometimes be a fairly solitary job, even within a large council and an office full of staff.' Angie Hurren, Broadclyst Parish Council Clerk, Level 4 Community Governance

'On various fronts the course is good, as our jobs (those of us working for small councils) are quite isolated and for me, getting together at the study days puts things into perspective and makes me better at my time management. There is no doubt that for all of us the course is demanding but one would expect that to get a degree.' Francesca Nowne, Ticehurst Parish Council, Level 6 Community Governance

'I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and gained vast amounts of knowledge, this in turn has had a positive impact on my role as Town clerk & RFO.

Attendance at training and study events has enabled me to meet and liaise with many colleagues with friendships, contacts and networks across the country being formed. This is invaluable, knowing that support and advice is just an email away.

The coursework and learning outcomes have enabled me to move forward within the sector, improving knowledge and giving in depth insight into many topics.

Law and finance were of specific interest to me but I also found ‘reflective practice’ very rewarding- a skill I now seem to constantly undertake- leading to improvement in both my personal performance and that of the Council I serve.

I have increased personal confidence and when discussing wider range or ‘in depth’ topics in the ‘Council environment’ I am no longer ‘concerned ’ when challenged or questioned by elected Members where ‘legal or general’ advice is given.

The tutors are superb; their collective knowledge and advice invaluable and their individual support to me during personal and ongoing issues has been excellent.

My assignments have been shared with elected Members and colleagues and I also use for reference and as training aids (as a CiLCA trainer).

I would recommend the Level 4 study and qualification to all Parish/Town Clerks without hesitation'
Steve Fletcher, Town Clerk & RFO, Mablethorpe & Sutton Town Council

"I am now in my 5th year of study on the Community Governance course and have found it extremely rewarding both professionally and personally. As we study by distance learning, you are mostly working independently, but I have found the regular study days and online interaction with tutors and other students enormously valuable. We have grown into a really strong learning community who support each other every step of the way.

I wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone wanting to grow their skills, to enable them and their councils, to take on the challenges and opportunities facing our sector." Helen Bojaniwska, Town Clerk, Stroud Town Council


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