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The Sector
There are almost 11,000 parish, town and community councils throughout England and Wales.

This sector has been described with phrases such as ‘solid’, ‘safe and sound’ and ‘not prone to panic’. Words that cannot be used to describe many commercial companies or even markets at this present time of economic uncertainty.

The future of our sector is bright. The number of councils will increase in the coming years as more and more of the large urban areas in our country become parished to give communities more control over their local environments.  The devolution agenda will also mean that an increasing number of services will be passed to this first tier of local government, creating greater activity and spending power.

The Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC)
The SLCC is the professional body for clerks and senior employees of town, parish and community councils in England and Wales. We are committed to promote professionalism within the sector and improve the effectiveness of our members through the provision of training, advice and support.  We currently have members in over 5,000 town, parish and community councils in England and Wales and are recognised as a body which represents and promotes ‘best practice’ in the sector.

Why is the SLCC the best way to market products and services?
We have a comprehensive and accurate database providing access to the clerks and senior employees of over 5,000 local councils in a growing sector of local government. 


Principal Sponsor

Principal Sponsor
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