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Councils to be banned from charging for Parkruns

Published 18th April 2017

Councils could be legally banned from charging runners who take part in so-called “Parkruns”. It comes after a parish council was criticised for charging organisers of a parkrun for "wear and tear". A new Government consultation document states: “It is appropriate for the public to pay a reasonable sum for the use of a facility [in parks]… or special events… that generate a profit. However, the government does not consider it appropriate for a local authority to charge a volunteer community seeking to provide a free weekly event for the use of a public park, overturning our long standing convention of free access to parks for their everyday use.” The consultation is also examining whether councils will be allowed to charge professional dog walkers and personal trainers to use public parks.

Click here to read more on the Government website.

The consultation runs until 5th July. SLCC will be responding and we will be pleased to take into account any views members have on the subject. Please advise Gemma Rickard on
gemma.rickard@slcc.co.uk before 28th June.

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