Local Council Consultancy (LCC) is the consultancy arm of SLCC dedicated to ensuring best practice and continuous improvement in the local council sector. We understand the issues faced by clerks and councils and our trained and experienced Associates, most of whom have been clerks, will offer solutions to meet your exact needs.

LCC has access to a wide range of expertise to ensure we can support you in a number of areas such as: Governance, Procurement, Staffing, Policies and Procedures, Service Delivery, Community Engagement, Strategy and Plans, Risk Management, Markets, Horticulture, Managing Volunteers, Locums, Allotments, Burials and Cemeteries, Play Areas, Sports Facilities.

Establish the Correct Pay Range for a Role
LCC has successfully carried out a number of clerk pay evaluations using the joint NALC/SLCC scheme process. Our Associates are uniquely placed to undertake a thorough analysis of the demands of the post and the quantitative and qualitative data required to establish the correct pay range for the clerk’s role (and supporting roles where appropriate). After the evaluation, we will provide you with a detailed report setting out our recommendations and methodology.

Local Council Consultancy (LCC)

“I’d like to say thank you to both the LCC and Jane who helped us out of a tricky time when we found ourselves without a Clerk over the Election period. Despite the Locum service being fairly new we received a very professional service from start to finish.” Emma Harris, Flitwick Town Council RFO and HR Officer

Click here to read out how the Locum Service helped Flitwick Town Council with a 5 month cover.

What can LCC offer?

  • A unique position in the local council sector meaning that we understand the issues faced by clerks and councils
  • Strong connections across the sector utilising our association with the SLCC
  • Experienced and qualified Associates to work with you and an Associate Manager to manage your project
  • An honest approach – we’ll help if we can but we’ll be honest if we can’t
  • A comprehensive range of skills and experience taken from all sizes of council
  • Competitive rates with the opportunity to help you maximise your budget

How does the service work?

  1. Email LCC to discuss your requirements –
  2. The Associate Manager will contact you to scope the work and give you a clear quote for the services required
  3. If the quote is agreed, you will receive a comprehensive plan detailing your project time scales, associate days required and project deliverables
  4. Your appointed Associate will deliver your project and the Associate Manager will oversee the work to ensure that the deadline, budget and objectives are achieved
  5. Your project will usually conclude with a final, tailored and detailed report

How much will LCC charge?

Each task will be individually costed during the scoping process and a simple and clear charge will be offered to the customer, based on a daily rate for the Associate plus additional costs such as travel. A handling fee will be included to cover the cost to the Society of running this new service. Daily rates will vary according to each project – the Associate Manager will be able to give you guidance for budget purposes if you need more details. Contact today to discuss your requirements.

Locum Service

LCC has a pool of skilled and qualified clerks and it can respond quickly to your needs for Locum support.  If you need cover for absence on a short or long term basis the LCC Locum Service can help.  We will source a Locum with relevant skills to ensure that you can carry on with your council’s key tasks, safe in the knowledge that you have the professional advice and support you need.  And we will make sure you continue to have cover if your original Locum cannot continue for any reason.

Contact today to discuss your requirements.

LCC Locum Service