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The Board

The Board is the main policy-making body of the Society and sets and monitors the Society’s budgets.  It receives reports from the Chief Executive, other officers, and National Forum, and takes action as appropriate. It supports the Chief Executive and issues instructions to the Chief Executive including any delegated powers.

The Board comprises of 18 directors who are directly elected by members.  Three directors are elected from each of six regions to ensure that all geographic areas are represented.

Click here to view a map of the Regions.

The role of the Directors is to represent, protect, and further the interests of the Society.  They should engage with members in their region and reflect the views of those members at Board meetings.  Directors must be full members of the Society and must be employed in the region from which they are elected.

The normal period of office is four years, but to provide an overlap in future, the term of office of the initial Directors has been staggered over two, three and four years.  

Region Director Term Expiry Date
East Carol Smy Jan 2021
  Gina Lopes Jan 2019
  Catherine Moore Jan 2020
Midlands Peter Young Jan 2020
  Alan Mellor Jan 2021
  Tracey Broughton Jan 2019
North Adam Keppel-Green Jan 2021
  Alan Blakeley Jan 2019
  Michael King Jan 2020
South East Linda Hedley Jan 2021
  Val Taylor Jan 2019
  Steven Trice Jan 2020
South West David Martin Jan 2021
  Paula Heath Jan 2019
  Tracy Rowe Jan 2020
Wales Edward Humphreys Jan 2019
  Helena Fox Jan 2020
  Katherine Owen Jan 2021

In addition to the 18 Directors; the Society President, Chief Executive, as well as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the National Forum and Honorary Vice Presidents, may attend Board meetings in a non-voting capacity.  

The Board elects its Chairman and Vice Chairman each year at the first meeting of the Board after the Society’s AGM.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman may not hold the post for more than two consecutive years.

The current Chairman of the Board is Katherine Owen and the current Vice Chairman is Michael King.


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