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Formal documents

The Community Governance Programme consists of modules that can be studied as part of an award or as stand-alone modules. These pages provide guides for three available awards and the formal descriptors for each module.

Module Guides:

Module Descriptors

Code  Title  Module Tutor
 Level 4
 SLCC1001  Community Governance  Johnathan Bourne
 SLCC1002  Community Engagement  Elisabeth Skinner
 SLCC1003  Community Profile  Linda Roberts
 SLCC1004  Community-led Planning  Elisabeth Skinner
 SLCC1005  The Planning System  Elisabeth Skinner
 SLCC1006  Managing People  Linda Roberts
 SLCC1007  Managing Projects  Johnathan Bourne
 SLCC1008  Organisational Governance  Dominic Stapleton
 SLCC1009  Reflective Practice  Linda Roberts
 SLCC1010  Local Council Law & Procedures  Dominic Stapleton
 SLCC1011  Local Council Finance  Dominic Stapleton
 Level 5
 SLCC2001  Communities in the Political System  Johnathan Bourne
 SLCC2002  Community Research  Dominic Stapleton
 SLCC2003  Sustainable Communities  Elisabeth Skinner
 SLCC2004  The Manager's Role  Linda Roberts
 SLCC2005  Learning in a New Setting  Dominic Stapleton
 SLCC2006  Learning from a Workplace Project  Johnathan Bourne
 SLCC2007  Community Governance Book Review  Johnathan Bourne
 Level 6
 SLCC3001  Power & Politics in Community Governance  Johnathan Bourne
 SLCC3002  Delivering Public Services  Elisabeth Skinner
 SLCC3003  Management and Leadership  Linda Roberts
 SLCC3004  Community Governance Research Project  Dominic Stapleton


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