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The Society was founded in 1972 at a side meeting held during a National Association of Local Councils Conference. Originally there were just under 50 member clerks working as a self support group. The role of the town, parish and community council has changed out of all recognition in the intervening years. In the period up to 2001 membership rose to 2200 and the Society negotiated a basic terms and conditions agreement with the National Association, published editions of The Clerks Manual, provided a quarterly Journal for members and an early version of the ‘Working With Your Council’ the distance learning course pack.

Since 2001, the Society has developed and grown rapidly following the National Executive Council’s decision to appoint professional officers and to invest in new services. Membership has increased to the point where members now serve over 5,000 councils and revenues are now over £1 million p.a. and a whole range of new services were established.

Today the Society is a vibrant and purposeful place which helps local council officers not only to survive, but to develop and grow professionally and so be able to better serve their councils and the communities they support.   The formation of the Professional Development Scheme and the building of a comprehensive Continuous Professional Development Structure has further raised the profile and standing and terms and conditions of a profession which now plays an increasingly significant role in the local council sector.

In June 2016, the Society members agreed to establish a separate trade union, known as the Association of Local Council Clerks (ALCC) which is now responsible to collective bargaining with the bodies representing local councils as employers and for providing individual employment advice. For more information about the Association and how you can join visit
Following a resolution carried unanimously at the National Conference in October 2016, the Society became a limited company on 25 January 2017, with a Board of Directors replacing the former National Executive Council.

Principal Sponsor

Principal Sponsor
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