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How do I study?

Community Governance is a distance learning programme – you study at home or at work.
•    We provide course materials and lots of pointers to help you study.
•    Networking is vital; you learn from other students and from experienced tutors.  You will be required to attend three, 24-hour residential study days during your study year. 

Study days: The first and second study days are planned for the Marsh Farm Hotel, Coped Hall, Royal Wootton Bassett, SN4 8ER. Alternative dates for the first Level 4 study days have been arranged for the North of England, venue to be decided, if there is a demand. The third study day will be held at DMU itself. 

Level 4

Thursday 7th February (2.00pm) to Friday 8th February (2.00pm, Lunch at 1.00pm) Proposed northern alternative Tuesday 12th to Wednesday 13th February


Thursday 16th May (2.00pm) to Friday 17th May (2.00pm, Lunch at 1.00pm)
Proposed northern alternative Tuesday 21st May to Wednesday 22nd May


Thursday 12th September (2.00pm) to Friday 13th September (2.00pm, Lunch at 1.00pm)


Level 5

Wednesday 6th February (Lunch at 12.30pm) to Thursday 7th February (12.30pm)


Wednesday 15th May (Lunch at 12.30pm) to Thursday 16th May (12.30pm)


Wednesday 11th September (Lunch at 12.30pm) to Thursday 12th September (12.30pm)


Level 6

Tuesday 5th February (1.30pm) to Wednesday 6th Febraury (1.30pm, Lunch at 12.30pm)


Tuesday 14th May (1.20pm) to Wednesday 15th May (1.30pm, Lunch at 12.30pm)


Tuesday 10th September (1.30pm) to Wednesday 11th September (1.30pm, Lunch at 12.30pm)


•    Local tutorials can be arranged on request.
•    You also join our online space where you find resources and discussion forums..
•    We provide tutors and help you to find fellow students who enrich your experience of learning.
•    You complete your coursework – usually one or two projects per module.  

Each 15 point module involves an average of 150 hours of study over the year (or approximately 3 hours a week).  This includes private study time, attendance at teaching events and time spent learning from what you do in the workplace.

'The assignments have given me an opportunity to give serious thought towards my work and I’ve got some actions to get on with which I can approach confidently. I’ve now got some clear actions that I can follow up with. I found the experience of studying through the SLCC a very positive experience. The study days were excellent in terms of meeting other students and the support network of tutors was also very reassuring.' Darren Rees, Llanelli Rural Council Community Development Officer.

Community Governance case studies featuring in The Clerk magazine:

Click here to read 'Strengthening Sustainability - A Clerks Challenge' from The Clerk magazine (May 2016 edition). Faye Lebon, Clerk to Swanton Morley in Norfolk, explains how studying the
sustainability module on the community governance course has helped her.

Click here to read 'Are your finance documents working well for your council?'. Kelly Holland, clerk to Canewdon Parish Council, explains how her council has benefitted from her studies.



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