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How do I submit my portfolio?

Every candidate registering for CiLCA will submit their portfolio using EMMA.

This is our online e-portfolio tool which allows you to create and submit your portfolio of evidence for the qualification online, providing the following benefits:

•    Save time and reduce the cost associated with producing a paper portfolio.
•    Access and work on the portfolio at any time from any device.
•    Submit units individually and receive feedback directly from the assessors.
•    Connect to your assessor, streamlining the process of qualifications.

You will receive a login to EMMA within four weeks of registration.

If you have a disability or technical disadvantage that makes it impossible to use EMMA, you should apply to the CiLCA Administrator for a dispensation providing evidence of your circumstances.

Click here to watch the online portfolio tutorial video.

Click here to view and contact your local County Training Partnership.

"I have to say that I have found the process completely different from what I expected. Submitting via EMMA was very straightforward and feedback came back far quicker than expected.  The feedback has been nothing but constructive and supportive and I found the process to be very affirming, in what is often such an isolated job." Gill Merry, Aston Clinton Parish Council

“At first I was apprehensive about using EMMA to submit my portfolio having only known people submitting theirs in the paper format but I found the system very user friendly. I also thought the way that you could submit a unit at a time was really beneficial especially initially, when you may not be overly confident.

The feedback from the assessor was invaluable and they NEVER criticised – only offered assistance and guidance where and when needed. I will certainly recommend anyone to use EMMA for their CILCA portfolio.”
Jane Tyrrell, Hartley Parish Council



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