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New Clerk Support

The aim of this initiative is to help new clerks settle into the profession and to reduce the turnover of clerks. Initially underwritten by the government via the National Training Strategy, this project is designed to assist clerks in their first 12 months in the profession. The initiative is now solely funded and organised by the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) and is available to all not just members of the SLCC. The training initiative:

The four pillars of the scheme:

  1. A welcome pack for new clerks including a booklet called “The Essential Clerk” and contact information
  2. Branch Mentors who enable clerks in their first 12 months to find the best way of managing their role, responsibilities and working relationships
  3. An informal network of local or district contacts – clerks who are knowledgeable about their area and can help a new clerk find their way around
  4. Links to the training offered by the County Training Partnership, the SLCC, and the CALC's

Within SLCC membership, the following further support for new clerks is available:


Advisory service:

  • Specialist and regional advisors who can help with technical matters (e.g. legal, financial and procedural)
  • Advisors who can help with employment issues

Branch membership:

  • Informal and social support, networking and updating

Principal Sponsor

Principal Sponsor
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