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SLCC President 2018/19
Sarah Jeffries, Clerk to Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield Parish Council, Horningsham Parish Council, Induction Support Officer and SLCC Advisor. 
Sarah has been a Parish Clerk since July 2005, beginning her employment in the local council sector as Clerk to Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield Parish Council.

She continued to add to the number of Parish Councils she worked for during the following years until she moved into teaching within the sector. Sarah is one of the Society’s two Induction Support Officers for the ILCA qualification, and is also a CILCA Trainer. Sarah has attained extensive qualifications in parish council governance, having competed the Working with Your Council course, ILCA and CiLCA, and she is currently a Community Governance Student - having completed level 4 with a distinction, she is now working on her level 5 studies.

Sarah is a member of the SLCC Advisory Team, is also an Employment Support Officer and is one of the team on The Clerk magazine.  She is also the Branch Vice Chairman in Wiltshire, and has been a Clerk representative to the NALC Smaller Councils Committee in the past, and a regular presenter at conferences.

Away from work, Sarah is married to Stephen, who is a Civil Servant, and together they have a 24 year old son who is an Adult Nurse and a 19 Year old daughter who is studying pure Maths at University. She is a long distance runner, a Masters Swimmer for Warminster & District Swimming Club and enjoys walking her beagle Ruby over Salisbury Plain. And she loves chocolate…

Sarah’s email address is sarah.jeffries@slcc.co.uk

President’s Charities
Sarah has two charities she wishes to fund raise for:

The Institute of Local Council Managers Educational Trust for Clerks a Charity that assists Clerks with Educational costs, has been an important factor her professional development.

SERV Wessex a registered charity (No. 1156383) that provides an out of hours blood and organs transportation service for NHS Hospitals, 365 days per year, between 19:00 and 06:00 weekday evenings and 24hrs a day at weekends and on public holidays. SERV Wessex transports blood for transfusions, samples for analysis, Human Milk, X-rays, Scans and other urgent consignments allowing hospitals to divert financial and staff resources elsewhere. The Service is run entirely with volunteers.


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Principal Sponsor

Principal Sponsor
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