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Your Professional Development Scheme

As of the 1st November 2017 the Institute was merged back into one body with the Society.

Why have we changed the scheme?
The Institute of Local Council Managers (ILCM) or ‘The Institute’ was established in 2007 as an add-on to SLCC membership. Members who wished to join the Institute paid an additional annual fee and joined one of four levels of membership, (Student; Member; Fellow; Retired) dependent on their qualifications and experience.

Institute members were required to undertake ongoing training (measured by CPD points) in order to continue in membership.  ‘Members’ and ‘Fellows’ of the Institute were entitled to use the letters MILCM and FILCM respectively.
At the EGM in June 2016 your Society agreed to cease being a trade union and a separate trade union (the ALCC) was formed.  One of the consequences was that your Society could give greater emphasis to promoting the professional training and development of clerks which in turn meant that there was less need for a separate Institute within the Society.  

The Institute has therefore agreed that it should merge back into one body with the Society.

What does the Professional Development Scheme look like?
The scheme ensures greater importance is given to training and development within your Society by creating two new membership levels, Principal and Fellow, which require compulsory CPD points to apply for.

Click here to become a Principal or Fellow member today.

To apply for Principal or Fellow membership the applicant also needs to apply for Full or Affiliate membership of the Society. Click here to view the full member subscription rates.

In addition to the full membership the costs to become a Principal or Fellow member in 2019 are:

Principal Membership - £53
Fellow Membership - £80

If you have any queries about the Professional Development Scheme please email develop@slcc.co.uk

‘CPD is crucial to continuing my status as a Fellow and I am well versed in the concept. I have found the CPD log on the SLCC website a convenient want to capture evidence.’ Mark Smith FSLCC, Chief Executive, Chippenham Town Council

‘I became a Principal in order to demonstrate my engagement in continuing professional development to support a reflective approach to my role and be able to tap into the wealth of experience, knowledge and support that is available from all involved in the society.  This is invaluable and the networking is one of the best ways to learn and gain support of others from the same field of work.

I would recommend the scheme to other clerks as it is very important in our wide and ranging role to keep up to date with new developments and ideas and also to continually improve our learning and knowledge to do the best that we can in what is a very demanding and important role.’ Derek Snowball PSLCC, Ferryhill Town Council

'I became a Principal member as I wanted to better myself by gaining CPD points. Gaining the points also displays to my councillors that I am pushing myself and I am committed to my role as a clerk. The Professional Development Scheme is a great way of improving the way you work.’ Angela Foster PSLCC, Waldridge Parish Council

‘I think it is important that clerks are recognised for the extent of the knowledge they have gained on very diverse topics undertaken over a number of years. It doesn't matter how long you have done the job there is always something new to learn. All clerks should endeavour to undertake regular learning and gain CPD, this not only helps you grow as an individual but also shows your employer that you are committed to doing your job to the best of your ability.
I would definitely recommend the scheme to all clerks as it is a clear audit trail of continuous development in your role. It can also be used as evidence to your employers as part of your annual appraisal.’ Tracey Bell PSLCC, Morpeth Town Council

‘I was originally a member of the SLCC and have only upgraded to Principal recently. There are lots of benefits including networking, help with my portfolio, someone to talk to in times of difficulty, which, in this job is quite often. Working through CPD supports my role by attending seminars and reading various literature, it all adds up for my continual development.

The new CPD log on website is very easy to use and keeps me focused on what I need to achieve for my professional development. I would highly recommend the scheme to other members in order to keep up to date with all legislation coming through at moment.’ Lesley Armstrong PSLCC, Murton Parish Council

‘The County Durham and Cleveland County Training Partnership are very committed to all training and feel the SLCC Professional Development Scheme is an excellent opportunity for clerks to be recognised for their commitment, skills and knowledge’. Steve Ragg, County Durham and Cleveland County Training Partnership



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