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Too many referrals?

Occasionally, assessors find a candidate submitting too much work that is below the standard expected.  It has therefore been agreed that, in these cases, the candidate will be required to obtain more training and then re-register after a break.

This is a draft policy to be ratified in September but trainers and candidates are advised to be prepared.

Candidates are urged to seek further help from a trainer or mentor if they are approaching any of the following:
  • More than 10 Learning Outcomes with first referrals which then require a second attempt: these are cumulative across all units and even if a first referral has subsequently been passed, it counts as one of the 10.
  • More than 5 Learning Outcomes with second referrals which then require a third attempt: if a candidate has up to and including 5 second referrals, they can have a third attempt on payment of an unlocking fee of £10 per LO).  In this case, and if required, they will be given two months from the date of unlocking to submit their third attempts.
  • Third referrals which require a fourth attempt will not be permitted until a candidate has taken a break.
When this situation has been identified, the candidate will receive a letter of explanation requiring them to take a break of at least three months without submitting further work so that they can seek support from a trainer or mentor.   After the break, these candidates are required to pay a re-registration fee of £200 to continue. 

Candidates must re-register within eighteen months of the letter notifying them that they must take a break.  If they cannot pass CiLCA within one year of re-registering (extensions not permitted), their portfolio is permanently closed.  They can take out a new registration allowing them to start again from scratch.

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