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Who can take CiLCA?

Who can take CiLCA?
CiLCA is suitable for all officers working with local councils.  Councillors and officers of advisory bodies have also taken CiLCA in the past.  CiLCA is flexible enough to suit candidates from the diversity of local councils.  When a council’s chief officer (clerk) has CiLCA , s/he is eligible in England to apply for the Local Council Award Scheme (Quality and Quality Gold) and are also able to use the general power of competence.

The sector bodies wish to make CiLCA equally accessible to all but you need access to council documents and, if necessary, permission from the officers responsible to use them for CiLCA.  If you are not linked to a specific council you are advised to find a council willing to provide appropriate documents.  If you have a registered condition (such as dyslexia or visual impairment) that might affect your ability to create your portfolio, you should notify the CiLCA Administrator who identifies appropriate advice or support.  For example, a candidate with a visual impairment could provide an audio commentary for the portfolio.  The Portfolio Guide 2015 is published in both English and Welsh and candidates can submit a portfolio in either language.

Previous & Current Students

Andrew Carrier, Solicitor, Fraser Dawbarns LLP
How did you find the course content?
'The course content was excellent throughout.  Often a course of study gives the impression of more detail in some places and lack of detail in others.  I found the course content ‘solid’ throughout.'

Would you recommend the course to other Solicitors/Clerks?
'Absolutely, yes, without question.  The study is worthwhile in itself but clerks will gain a feeling of satisfaction and, I would have thought, empowerment if they gain the qualification. I would recommend CiLCA to solicitors as interesting and challenging and also good value CPD.'
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'I am undertaking the CiLCA qualification to improve my knowledge and understanding of local councils so that I can provide informed advice to North Horsham Parish Council (NHPC). In the long term I strive to become Clerk for a council where this qualification would have given me a good foundation of knowledge and confidence, alongside my practical learning at NHPC.' Ross McCartney

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