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Website Accessibility Guidelines Webinar

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The new web accessibility regulations create legal obligations for public sector websites. These include having a website that is as accessible as possible (and that includes any downloadable content) as well as an accessibility statement that:
  • clarifies the standards the website reaches
  • identifies potential barriers (and timelines for fixing)
  • provides information to help disabled users mitigate any barriers - for example obtaining information in an alternative format.

Unfortunately, the people developing and maintaining those websites do not necessarily have a background in web accessibility or have experience in how disabled people might use their website.

Preparing to meet web accessibility guidelines:

The legislation requires that you meet accessibility standards, but it is realistic that there may be gaps initially. Therefore, the legislation mandates that you have an accessibility statement to describe your current compliance and your timeline for improvement.

We are offering two online courses: the first helps you identify the main issues likely to impact on disabled users - a vital step towards creating an action plan. The second course builds on this and helps you prepare the mandatory accessibility statement.

This course is an individualised experience with an opportunity to ask questions, get clarification from the trainer and learn from one another. The end-user focus means the course should be of value whether you’re a website coder or a low level ‘cut and paste’ web amateur.

Course Outline: Webinar Part 1

This is a 90 minute online course where you will interact with your own website, the trainer and the other participants.

Pre session activity

You’ll fill in the url of the website you want to test and get links for the free tools we’ll ask you to get installed. Remember, if you can’t install things on your work computer you can do this course using your own laptop - get the real end user experience!

Session content

  • Anatomy of a user - typical disability profiles and their demographics
  • Anatomy of a website - looking at your own website through the lens of different accessibility requirements.
  • Assessing priorities - narrowing down the ‘known unknowns’.
  • Action planning - working out your next steps for reporting and remediation.

Course Outline: Webinar Part 2

This is a 90 minute online course where you will interact with your own website, the trainer and the other participants. It is strongly recommended you attend the Webinar Part 1 course before attending this one.You need an existing baseline audit of your website to get value from the Part 2 course. 

By the end of this training course you will have a skeleton outline of an accessibility statement. 

Pre session activity

You’ll fill in the url of the website you want to create a statement for and complete a short online survey to identify your confidence with different sections of the model accessibility statement template.

Session content

  • Benefits to users - ensuring users know the advantages your accessibility compliance will give them.
  • Issues and remedies - how to reduce user frustration and reduce your own risks.
  • Getting the processes in place - somebody may have delegated you the job of ‘doing the accessibility statement’ but there are implications for others. We’ll identify the key ones.  
  • Technical and testing - identifying the standards you meet. Alternative approaches to testing with assistive technologies.
  • Action planning - identifying the Accessibility Statement Hotspots that need more attention. 


Member cost: £60 + VAT for part 1 and 2
Non-member cost: £70 + VAT for part 1 and 2


About the trainer:

Alistair McNaught was a senior advisor at the Jisc TechDis service (2004-14). He created or co-created Staff Training Packs in accessible practice, Senior Manager Briefings and the Accessibility Essential resources. More recently he led the development of Jisc’s Accessibility Snapshot service (used by nearly 60 universities and colleges). His accessibility work with academic library services won a national award and was shortlisted for an international award for excellence. The University of Kent won a 2018 Times Higher Award for an inclusion project Alistair helped steer.

Alistair is a current member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology and a co-chair of the Digital Accessibility Working Group, liaising between the FE/HE sector and Government Digital Services to ensure official guidance is appropriate to the real world context.

He presents on accessibility at national and international events and is a very experienced online trainer and presenter.


Course times:

Part 1 (Identify issues)

Part 2 (Drafting an accessibility statement)

8th August: 10:00 - 11:30

13th August: 10:00 - 11:30

23rd September: 14:30 - 16:00

26th September: 14:30 - 16:00

7th October: 14:30 - 16:00

10th October: 14:30 - 16:00


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23rd Sep 19
26th Sep 19
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