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Setting up and Managing a Suitable IT Environment

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A one-day course which aims to explain in practical terms the IT essentials for a local council, the different options available, and how to go about purchasing, setting up and managing the necessary IT components, whether it is servers, PCs, tablets, printers, scanners, backup devices, or networking.
IT use is an essential of day to day life in a local council and it is important to understand what IT components are necessary, how to achieve best value, and how to manage the IT so that it provides the greatest benefits, performance, and security for a particular budget.

Course outline:

  • IT options: internal servers, networked PCs, and ‘cloud’-based alternatives – pro’s and con’s
  • Planning and budgeting for IT
  • Purchasing IT components –understanding a council’s needs and achieving best value
  • Linking IT components together – the options
  • Installing, setting up, and troubleshooting IT – the options
  • Safe and secure remote or home working
  • Access security for different user groups
  • Backups and data security
  • Safe, secure and appropriate use policies

About the Trainers:

Chris Rickard
“Chris has spent over 20 years working in IT. He has managed teams of support engineers, worked with May Gurney and the Isles of Scilly Steam Ship Group as an IT manager for 14 years, and has led the implementation of numerous new IT architectures and IT solutions. He brings clear explanation and a refreshingly practical perspective to IT issues which at first site may appear highly technical and complex.”

Max Goodison
“Max has spent a large part of his career working in IT solutions for various different sectors. Early in his career he worked with KPMG advising banks on the implementation of new technology. Later he worked for a software house developing complex solutions for the financial services industry; and later still he ran the delivery operations of a sizeable software testing organisation within the Capita Group. As a consultant he has advised organisations of all sizes on IT planning and budgeting, and he has project managed numerous IT implementation projects.”

If this course is of interest to you, please complete our Expression of Interest form. We will endeavour to organise requested training sessions wherever sufficient numbers will make it economically viable.

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