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Local Council Consultancy (LCC) was launched in late 2018 by SLCC as an additional capability to the advisory and membership services. LCC draw on the wide and deep expertise of SLCC and seek to provide councils with a value for money, sector-leading consultancy service.

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LCC operate on a ‘profit-for purpose’ basis, reinvesting all surpluses to further the development of professional clerks and, through them, the development of the whole sector.

What can LCC offer?

  • A unique position in the local council sector meaning that we understand the issues faced by clerks and councils
  • Strong connections across the sector utilising our association with SLCC
  • Experienced and qualified associates to work with you and an associate manager to manage your project
  • An honest approach – we’ll help if we can but we’ll be honest if we can’t
  • A comprehensive range of skills and experience taken from all sizes of council
  • Competitive rates with the opportunity to help you maximise your budget

How does the service work?

  1. Contact LCC to discuss your requirements
  2. The Associate Manager will contact you to scope the work and give you a clear quote for the services required.
  3. If the quote is agreed, you will receive a comprehensive plan detailing your project time scales, associate days required and project deliverables
  4. Your appointed Associate will deliver your project and the Associate Manager will oversee the work to ensure that the deadline, budget and objectives are achieved
  5. Your project will usually conclude with a final, tailored and detailed report


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Of customers rated the overall service 4 or 5 stars out of 5


Of customers rated the value for money as 4 or 5 stars out of 5


Meet the team

LCC services are delivered by our team of Associates who are grounded in core public service values, most of them having spent the major part of their own careers with local councils. We currently have over 40 expert Associates to help us provide a broad range of skills across many locations in England and Wales, offering bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

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Debra Harper

Debra Harper

Head of the Local Council Consultancy (LCC)
Angela Meek, LCC Support Officer

Angela Meek

LCC Support Officer
Reg Williams, LCC Associate

Reg Williams

LCC Associate
Stephen Butt

Stephen Butt

LCC Associate
Andrew Maliphant, LCC Associate

Andrew Maliphant

LCC Associate
Adam Keppel-Green FSLCC, LCC Associate

Adam Keppel-Green FSLCC

LCC Associate
Karen Bell, LCC Locum

Karen Bell PSLCC

LCC Locum
Team member

Ian Gardner

LCC Associate