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'Chaser' letters from PKF Littlejohn

Published 14th August 2018

PKF Littlejohn, who are external auditors to most town and parish councils in England, sent around 1,150 'chaser' letters, mainly by email, at the end of July to councils who had neither submitted a Certificate of Exemption nor sent PKF Littlejohn an Accountability and Governance Return ('AGAR'). Some 600 councils responded immediately but that leaves many who have not. Every council must send their external auditor either a Certificate of Exemption (if they are eligible to certify as exempt from external audit, and do so) or an AGAR. External auditors will charge £40 + VAT for sending a chaser letter and more if they have to take further action.

If you think you received a chaser letter in error contact your external auditor.

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