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Came and Companys Principal Sponsorship Concludes

Published 4th September 2019

The Principal Sponsorship contract between SLCC and Came and Company Local Council Insurance will be concluded at the end of this year. Chief Executive Rob Smith paid tribute to the strong and productive partnership with Came which has embraced many educational and training benefits for SLCC members. He wishes them and their Regional Director, Andy Cotter, who has become a true friend of the sector over the past six years, every success in the future.

Andy Cotter commented “we are immensely proud of the achievements of our partnership with the SLCC, principally across education and awareness initiatives, and the recognition this has achieved. We set out to bring awareness to this sector of the increasing risk inherent with the management of local councils. This, coupled with other successful programmes funded via our sponsorship, means we have helped to progress professionalism within the sector - the ultimate goal when awarded ‘principal sponsorship’ at the end of 2013. Came & Company now look forward to exciting opportunities to invest in new training and development initiatives, in order to continue to support this important sector.”

The conclusion of this contract has enabled SLCC to review how it arranges sponsorship opportunities and it has been agreed that, moving forward, it will no longer seek a single principal sponsor but instead seek to embrace many more commercial partners by enabling them to engage directly with SLCC members through offering smaller sponsorships for various segments of the SLCC’s events and activities. Please contact Gemma Rickard, gemma.rickard@slcc.co.uk for further details of these new opportunities.

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Principal Sponsor

Principal Sponsor
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