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Crowdfunding Christmas lights

Published 14th November 2017

The Sunday Express (12th November, page 6) looks at how towns and villages across the country are having to crowdfund to raise money for Christmas lights due to council funding restraints. Residents in Boston, Lincolnshire, have set up their own "Christmas in Boston 2017" website after a lack of funding resulted in a "disastrous" Christmas last year. Elsewhere, the paper reports that residents of Whitstable in Kent have created a crowdfunder page to raise an "all or nothing" target of £22,000. They have so far raised £8,412.

This topic continues to attract media interest and the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) chief executive Dr Jonathan Owen has told Sky News: "I think we're aware of several councils who are considering crowdfunding, for services that are discretionary services, not life or death services like adult care or education. The issue is that some of the larger councils across England are facing some real struggles (and) significant budget pressures. It's our councils, community councils, parish and town councils that have really stepped up and said, 'We can run some of these events that would otherwise probably not happen', and I think they do that because their residents want it and they can see the benefit of it to business and it boosts community cohesion."

The July 2018 edition of The Clerk magazine will be focussing on case studies of how communities are dealing with Christmas lights.

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