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Improving Your New Online Community

Published 7th March 2018

Thank you very much to everyone who has kindly taken the trouble to comment about your new Online Community which is currently in the development stage.
This new professional community is a place to learn, debate and connect with your local council colleagues. It provides unique, best practice sharing and networking with other members of the Society. Unlike the current SLCC Yahoo Forum, which less than 20% of members joined and less than 10% use regularly, the Online Community will be readily accessible by every member.
Here you will be able to exchange new ideas, find solutions, ask questions and gain knowledge from others who have walked your path. Unlike the SLCC Yahoo Forum, it is an easy task to search past topics and comments so avoiding the need to repeat questions. Moderators will also be able to provide direct links to any relevant Advice Notes or other relevant information on the website.
In response to your comments we have introduced a new daily email digest of all new posts. To continue to receive daily digest emails please opt-in by clicking on the ‘Your Forum Profile’ button which appears at the top of every forum page, click the box to ‘Receive a daily digest email’ and click ‘Update Details’.

All your comments are being analysed in detail with a view to making further improvements over the following weeks. The aim is to be able to formally launch the finalised Online Community during April. Please do help us develop this new service which can be accessed on the website under ‘Member Services’. Gemma Rickard, Head of Marketing and Communications (gemma.rickard@slcc.co.uk) will be pleased to receive any further thoughts and comments you may have during this developmental period so we can ensure it will fully meet your needs.

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