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Ministers proposals to save the High Street

Published 9th July 2018

High street minister, Jake Berry, is calling on councils to rethink town centre parking charges, as part of plans to save Britain’s high streets. Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, he said that while charges “should be locally determined,” having “short periods of free parking is something that can bring people back into high streets,” although longer periods of free parking can lead to a smaller number of people parking all day.

Mr Berry also said that councils should appoint a councillor to act as a “sheriff of the high street” to maintain focus on the issue. He also suggested encouraging alternatives to shops, such as gyms, childcare, “maybe even day care for the elderly” on the high street, or cultural focal points like art galleries and bandstands. Elsewhere, the Observer warns that Philip Hammond should not ignore “the plainly unfair burden of taxation that is falling on high streets and inner-city shops,” and should stop making excuses for a failure to “find a better way to tax the digital economy.”


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