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NALC says Charter Trustees have had their day

Published 1st April 2019

Charter trustee bodies were created under the Local Government Act, 1972 for the purpose of preserving the Mayoralty and civic heritage of former boroughs but which at the time were deemed too large for parish status. They are usually constituted of those principal authority councillors serving wards in the former borough area. LocalGov is now reporting that the National Association of Local Councils argues that the 17 remaining charter trustees should be turned into parish or town councils

Many charter trustee areas have become a block on new local councils being created, according to the NALC. ‘Most charter trustee bodies seem to have lost their way and have forgotten that they were only ever supposed to be temporary bodies created as a half-way house to a local council being created,’ said NALC chairperson Cllr. Sue Baxter.
‘Some recent charter trustee bodies have become very large local councils and are doing an excellent job as fully elected bodies representing their communities – Banbury, Hereford and Kidderminster, for instance. That is why we think charter trustees have had their day and the Government should parish the remaining 17 charter trustee areas by the end of this parliament. If this has not happened by then, the Government should act to abolish all remaining charter trust bodies by the end of the next parliament.’


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