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Princes fund plans rural research

Published 19th December 2017

The Prince’s Countryside Fund has announced a major project examining the sustainability of rural communities.

It has appointed Professor Sarah Skerratt of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) to conduct research into the sustainability of rural communities across the UK.

Called 'Recharging Rural', the final report from the project will make recommendations for rural communities in sparsely populated areas.

They will seek to enhance their self-sufficiency, viability, and resilience into 2030 and beyond. Professor Skerratt will look at the challenges currently faced by rural communities, as well as those which could arise in the future. She will focus on communities that are currently not engaged in ‘empowerment frameworks’.

The research will seek views from stakeholders via workshops in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.

It will cast the net as wide as possible through a Call for Evidence in February or March 2018.


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