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Recruiting Volunteers - Attracting the people you need

Edition:1st Edition, 2002 updated reprint 2013
Author:Ursula Jost & Fraser Dyer
Volunteers are the lifeblood of many voluntary organisations.  Yet finding the right people who are prepared to commit themselves can be a real challenge.  You have to seek them out, encourage them and offer roles that are satisfying. This guide is designed to help anyone who seeks volunteers for their organisations.  It prompts you to think of volunteer recruitment in the context of a wider volunteer strategy.

Drawing on their extensive experience of working and training in this area, the authors emphasise the importance of a regular recruitment programme.  Their practical advice and imaginative ideas will help you take a fresh approach to:


  • Planning your recruitment
  • Finding people with the right skills
  • Using your networks
  • Producing effective recruitment messages
  • Making your organisation attractive to volunteers
  • Bringing diversity into your volunteer workforce
Recruiting Volunteers - Attracting the people you need
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