2commune Website Service Termination

12 January 2024

SLCC has been made aware that one of the providers of websites for parish, town and community councils, 2commune, has emailed all of its customers to say they are terminating their website service from 31 March 2024 due to a dispute with their platform provider, Cuttlefish.

At the point of writing, most parish, town and community councils now need to look for an alternative provider before their website deactivates. However, some customers have also received a communication that Cuttlefish, a software company, is able to host the council website as-is.

Obviously, this is concerning to both members and SLCC as it represents a risk to councils’ compliance if they do not have a website to publish regulatory information, as well as a potential loss of community information and documents.

You may wish to move the current hosting of your website to Cuttlefish or explore various providers available to help you establish a new website, click here to view website providers in the SLCC supplier directory. SLCC has partnered with council website sector experts, Aubergine, for the last four years and SLCC members qualify for discounts, click here for more information.  

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