Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

What counts as CPD?

The Professional Development Scheme (PDS) helps clerks to self-assess their own personal development. Learning and development are subjective experiences and it is for clerks to consider how much they have benefited from each activity.

It is good practice to consider your learning needs, research the options to meet them, discuss with your council what training or learning you plan to undertake and why it will support the work of the council.

Keeping a log of your activity can be useful to help reflect on what you have learnt; this can be a personal record or something you share with your council. If you choose to keep a record please note, clerks cannot count any activity twice. For example, books which are read while studying for a qualification cannot be counted as separate reading.

For more information see the Continuous Professional Development Scheme booklet or What qualifies for your CPD. If you are having difficulty attaining or recording your CPD please contact us at

Click here to view the criteria to become a Principal or Fellow of the SLCC.

Alternatively, view the Step by Step Guide to joining the PDS.

To record your CPD

  1. Login to the website
  2. In ‘My Account’ click ‘CPD’
  3. Begin adding your CPD by clicking on ‘Add points’ and completing the necessary information

If you have any queries contact

Retiring Principal or Fellow?

If you are a retiring clerk and you have changed your membership from Fellow/Principal to Past Service membership, please be aware that you are still able to use your professional designation, FSLCC,/PSLCC after your name.

We are aware that retiring clerks are less able to maintain CPD in order to meet the CPD points required for Fellow/Principal membership and, therefore, provide the option to use the designated letters. Unfortunately, this only applies to the designated letters and does not include the other benefits of Fellow/Principal membership.

If you would like to add the designated letters to your name please login to the website, visit ‘My Account’, ‘Profile’ and update your surname to contain the designated letters. Alternatively please contact