The goal of mentorship is to support and guide clerks to find the best way of managing their role, responsibilities and working relationships.

We have a network of mentors ready to help, see the Branch Mentors 2024 to find your closest mentor.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

An SLCC mentor is an experienced and knowledgeable clerk who provides guidance, support, and advice to less experienced clerks in their first 12 months. The mentor shares their knowledge and skills with the mentee, helping them to navigate challenges, set goals, make informed decisions, and therefore, develop professionally.

There are many benefits to becoming a mentor including:

  • Professional Growth – Deepen your understanding and enhance your communication skills by sharing your knowledge
  • Networking Opportunities – Mentees often introduce mentors to new contacts, career opportunities, or collaborative ventures, opening doors for professional advancement
  • Professional Reputation – Increase your visibility and professional reputation within the sector
  • Sense of Fulfilment – Supporting your mentee’s to overcome challenges, and succeed can be highly rewarding
  • Learning – Mentorship is not a one-way street. Mentees can offer fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and insights

Click here to read the mentor brochure and find out what you need to become a mentor.