Community Governance students are required to complete a dissertation as part of their degree. The following present the author’s research and findings in a specific area of parish and town council work:

The Impact of Austerity on Local Authorities in England, Masters of Public Administration 2018 Sharon Clayton BA (Hons) FSLCC, 2018

Does the creation of new local parish and town councils in England enhance community governance Christopher Borg, 2013

The Impact of Stress on Parish, Town And Community Council Staff in England and Wales Helen Bojaniwska, October 2018

The Role of Political Parties in Parish and Town Councils Dominic Stapleton, April 2011

Does Quality Council Status produce Quality Councils Bruce Poole, April 2010

Earn CPD Points!

Reading sector information including dissertations carry the following points:

– Reading a whole textbook – 4 points
– Reading all six editions of The Clerk or 4 editions of LCR – 3 points
– Researching Government policy on community rights – 4 points
– Reading a set of publications in preparing for a neighbourhood plan – 6 points
– Reading a Community Governance dissertation – 2 points

See ‘Professional Development & members’ for more information on collecting and recording CPD or applying for Principal or Fellow membership.