7 - 14 June 2025

Local Council Clerk Week (LCCW) is a celebratory week aimed to raise the profile of the role of the clerk and to recognise the work clerks do for their communities.

Thank you to all those who participated in celebrating and acknowledging Local Council Clerk Week (LCCW) 2024! SLCC members actively engaged in commemorating this occasion, utilising the newly introduced LCCW Toolkit (below), with some even taking the initiative to create their own videos showcasing the vital role of a clerk.

A summary of this event will be featured in the September issue of The Clerk magazine. If you have any feedback or insights regarding LCCW 2024, please contact Gemma Rickard, Head of Marketing & Communications, [email protected].

The 2025 date is 7 – 14 June.


Download the NEW Toolkit and get involved!

Other ways to celebrate

How has clerking enriched your life...

‘Unlike many others, I found clerking early in my career and can honestly say I can’t think of a more rewarding role. The sheer diversity of what I do, the gratification of seeing projects delivered in the local community and the constant opportunity for a new challenge make clerking such an amazing career. It has given me opportunity to develop so many skills, from project and people management to negotiation and problem solving – it can be a real ‘jack of all trades’ role (and master of some, too) where you can learn so much. The opportunity to help support, develop and make a lasting difference to a community is probably the most rewarding thing.’
Adam Keppel-Green FSLCC, Clerk to Knutsford Town Council


Gina Lopes‘After 19 years of being a clerk, I still find the job challenging, exciting, diverse and with no two days the same. You can go to work each morning and know you are making a difference! We often work alone but are a powerful force when we all get together and the network of support from colleagues and SLCC is amazing.’
Gina Lopes PSLCC, Clerk to Easton Parish Council


‘Many people ask how and why I became a clerk, the answer to this is simply I fell into the role 14 years ago. Although it was not a career I was actively seeking, the opportunities the role has opened is endless. I am proud to say that I am a clerk, being able to help communities and enhance resident’s lives in the services and opportunities the council provide is the most rewarding part of the role, even the small things can make a big difference. Personally, being a clerk has made me a better person, it’s given me a different perspective and outlook in respect of my understanding around the community as well as becoming a community advocate. Finally, I have made lifelong friends within the sector and for that I will be forever grateful.’
Donna Ford PSLCC, Clerk to Taunton Town Council


‘If you have worked in a circus you will do well as a Clerk. Head in a lion’s mouth, high wire acts, juggling: lots of juggling. Sometimes the audience applauds and sometimes it hisses. Often it is not clear who the ring master is! That said, where else can you so be a part of and influence your local community? Grass roots stuff. From major redevelopment of the community centre, big building and environmental projects, to mud slinging on allotments or signposting to other local service providers. No two days the same. Always a challenge be it to ones intellect, patience, diplomatic skills, or a thorny personal issue of a councillor, staff member or the community. Always a balancing act. Who could ask for a better career? Every day really is a school day.’
Julia Warren, Clerk to Wheathampstead Parish Council


‘It’s a privilege to be a leader in public service. Being a Clerk requires chameleon like powers to adapt to the environment and the challenges of the day ahead. Even the smallest of tasks can have a very positive impact on the people we serve. The big things can be superb!’
Joseph Whelan, Clerk to Hertford Town Council



‘I’m proud to be the Chief Officer and Town Clerk for Peterlee Town Council. Local Council Clerk Week is an opportunity for me to reflect on how lucky I am to work in a profession that has the potential to make such a difference to local places and the lives of local people. There are very few job roles out there that have such wide reach and such daily variety. As a Clerk to a relatively large Town Council my role is a combination of people manager, leader, professional advisor, and shirt-sleeves-rolled-up do-er. Having worked in large unitary authorities, district councils, and private sector roles before coming into the Local Council sector 7 years ago I can confirm that there is no job quite like this job. This job is not for the faint-hearted. The system is not perfect, and it requires adaptability and a good moral compass to navigate it at times. But the personal and professional satisfaction that comes for doing the job as well as I can makes it all worth it, most of the time!’
Ian Morris, Chief Officer to Peterlee Town Council


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