A message from Cabinet Office about .gov.uk domains

11 October 2022

The Domain Management team from the Cabinet Office has a target of making sure that every council, no matter its size, has a .gov.uk domain. And they need your help to achieve that goal.

Here is a message from the Domain Management team from the Cabinet Office:

“There are many benefits that come from getting a .gov.uk domain name. For example, a .gov.uk website gives your residents confidence that they are interacting with a legitimate site. Emails which come from a .gov.uk address are more trustworthy, and it can help reduce the risk of cyber attack.

Earlier this year, our team ran a series of workshops with small organisations across the country. We got a good idea about the challenges facing clerks and the barriers to small organisations buying and using a .gov.uk domain. 

We’ll be expanding on this work in the coming weeks and months. Look out for emails asking you to:

  • sign up to our free protection services (Detectify Surface Monitoring and Registry Lock)
  • participate in pilot projects we will run

We’ll be contacting you using the email address [email protected]. If you have any questions you can also email us directly.”

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