A Return to Imperial Measurements? Have Your Say!

22 June 2022

Pints and Ounces?

The government is running a consultation on returning to imperial measures. The results will be fed into the review of units of measurement for consumer transactions. This may be of interest to local councils and to share with residents in their communities. The consultation paper notes,

“Despite the transition to metric units in the late 1990s we commonly refer to our walks in miles, our babies in ounces, and our fuel economy in miles per gallon. We also buy our beer and milk in pints. Imperial units therefore continue to play a role in our everyday shared experience. Now we have left the EU, the UK can take back control of its measurement system and take decisions in the best interests of British businesses and consumers.

“…The purpose of the review is to identify how we can give more choice to businesses and consumers over the units of measurement they use for trade, while ensuring that measurement information remains accurate.”

The closing date for the consultation is 26 August 2022.

View the consultation here.


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