Against All Odds – A Grimsey Review Research Paper

22 July 2021

A 2021 review of how independent retail, hospitality and services businesses have adapted to survive the pandemic has been published. The Grimsey Review Research Paper, named ‘Against All Odds’, is summarised in the short animated video found here.

Page 61 of the review covers traditional markets with a summary from National Association of British Markets (NABMA) reporting the key issues:

  • Government, by its lack of support, seemingly still does not appreciate the economic and employment attributes that a successful market can bring to local communities.
  • When drafting guidance, legislation and regulations, meaningful consultation must take place with the national organisations whose membership will be implicated.
  • Making principal councils the recipient and distributor of government grants has shown that funds do not necessarily reach the target audience. Funding schemes lacked clarity and an inconsistent interpretation materialised across local areas.
  • Nearly 100 parish and town councils plus CICs and private operators in their membership experienced no funding being devolved down to that most local level.
  • A third of market traders have received no support whatsoever as rateable value was the primary measure being used to determine support.
  • Despite all of the difficulties there are positive stories to be told from lockdowns, which is exemplified by their Market heroes awards.

Click here to read the Grimsey Review Research Paper.

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