An Innovative Approach to Help Councils with their Website Accessibility

15 April 2021

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Are you one of the many organisations struggling with website accessibility?

Maybe you don’t know where to start. Or you are frustrated with constraints on how to manage your newly certified site so that it is engaging but still compliant.

Struggle no more! We have just what you need…

What we know

Since the EU Web Accessibility Directive deadline of 23 September 2020, all public sector websites should have made ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled people. However, a recent study from the Society for Innovation, Technology and Modernisation found that 4 in 10 local council homepages failed basic tests for accessibility. Some public sector organisations are clearly struggling, which means their websites are breaking the law by not meeting the international WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility requirements.

Just ask CloudyIT

CloudyIT’s rich history of working with local government to modernise IT practices has been integral to supporting councils’ move to remote working through the Covid-19 pandemic. Using their digital expertise to fill the gaps in tackling public sector challenges, CloudyIT has built a suite of services that are specifically tailored to supporting councils’ legislative and infrastructure needs.

CloudyIT’s approach is fundamentally to help councils improve their productivity, security, and performance through cloud-based, Microsoft 365 integrated services that apply digital automation and tech to provide innovative solutions. But at the centre of this is a strong focus on providing personalised support that helps council staff to reduce their admin burden and improve their communication, to better serve their communities. So, it goes without saying that their digital expertise extends to accessible website design as part of the continually improving service.

Website accessibility without constraints

Organisations often complain about being constrained by website accessibility standards, but CloudyIT prides itself on designing accessible websites for councils that do not compromise on design and that showcase how accessible sites work better for everyone because they are easier to use, faster, and search engine optimised for higher ranking.

Their creative web development team specialise in designing easy-to-use, attractive, and secure websites that are accessible and come with a guarantee they are scanned and analysed at least every 24 hours to ensure new updates and revised content is remediated for instant compliance.

Their secret? Exactly what you would expect from digital modernisation experts… Use of artificial intelligence (AI)!

Tech automation to remove the admin burden

Accessible websites designed by CloudyIT use AI technology to make automatic code adjustments that allow every visitor to personally adjust the website design and user interface to their individual need or disability – making the accessible user experience uniquely bespoke to the user.

Seeing is believing!

To alleviate the complexities of a single person, like a clerk, having to grapple with the intricacies of a fully compliant website, CloudyIT is hosting a Website Accessibility Mini Summit on 30 April 2021 to demonstrate the power and simplicity of CloudyIT’s comprehensive web accessibility experience.

Join CloudyIT’s Web Accessibility Mini Summit on 30 April

This free online event is designed to help councils navigate accessibility requirements by demonstrating the guidelines and best practices through a “virtual tour” of an accessible website using CloudyIT’s intuitive and powerful web accessibility tool.

Whether you want to improve your council website or set up a completely new one, this event will give you a practical insight into what your council needs to make your website legally compliant.

For more information, and to register your place at the event, visit:

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