API Pathway to Play Campaign

2 July 2024

The Association of Play Industries (API) have released a new #PathwayToPlay video recorded by their Chair Dr Amanda Gummer. In her message, Dr Gummer urges the next UK government to prioritise children and make three simple pledges to improve the life chances of children across the UK:

  • Conduct a national audit: Assess the quantity, quality and location of public playgrounds
  • Ensure long-term sustainability: Provide dedicated funding for the installation and upkeep of free-to-use community play spaces
  • Increase physical activity levels in schools: Integrate outdoor learning into the National Curriculum and fund school play spaces and equipment

API is asking for your help to amplify their message and reach as many people as possible. If you can, please:

  • Watch and share: Please take a moment to watch the video and share it on your social media platforms. Your voice can help spread the word and attract more supporters to the cause
  • Tag API: When sharing the video, please tag API’s official social media handles, Twitter , Linked In and Facebook, so they can acknowledge your support and engage with your posts
  • Use their hashtag: Please utilise API’s campaign hashtag #PathwayToPlay
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