Civility and Respect Guide to Social Media

9 November 2022

The Civility and Respect Project team have worked in partnership with Breakthrough Communications to produce this comprehensive guide to actively address the issues of civility and respect on social media which has been approved for use by NALC and SLCC.

Social media is a simple, quick and effective way of communicating. It allows a user to reach whole communities at the click of a button, perfect for community engagement. Councils and councillors can constructively engage with communities rather than simply broadcasting information. But unfortunately, in a small number of cases councillors and councils can experience online abuse. Social media can become a place where individuals resort to abusive behaviour, such as, aggressive language, threats, trolling and bullying. Building up your following on social media is harder if there is a small number of angry voices which dominate.

The guide is designed to support you through the challenges of social media for local councils from handling trolling to legitimate challenge and scrutiny, from smear campaigns to politics.  The guide will help you to use positive language to tone to shape engagement and the conversation, to find common ground and engage with a variety of views. There is also help on escalating issues, deleting and moderating comments, blocking abusive users, reporting online abuse and legal matters to the police or social media platform and deciding when it is time to get off of social media.

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