Civility and respect pledge video

10 October 2022

Sector leading representatives explain what the civility and respect pledge is and encourage local councils to sign up to help tackle poor behaviour and join the culture change for the local council sector.

SLCC, NALC, and OVW believe now is the time to put civility and respect at the top of the agenda for local councils and start a culture change for the local council sector.  To support this aim we are asking councils to take the civility and respect pledge, to join the pursuit to prevent bullying, call out poor behaviour when it happens, and demonstrate high standards of behaviours across our sector.

This short video has been created to help explain the civility pledge and encourage councils to sign up.  It can be shared as part of the agenda item for councils considering signing up to the pledge, and to aid the discussion during the meeting.

By signing the pledge your council will be playing a part in improving standards across our sector.  Together we can make the change happen.

The civility and respect project was initiated in response to growing concerns throughout our sector about the impact bullying, harassment and intimidation has on our councils, councillors, and staff, and the resulting effectiveness of local councils. The project is supported by representatives from across our sector including Councils, County Associations, NALC, SLCC and One Voice Wales with the primary aim of coordinating a programme of work designed to promote civility and respect in public life.

Find out more and sign up here. 

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