Civility and Respect Project Update – February 2022

11 February 2022

Throughout our sector, there are growing concerns about the impact bullying, harassment and intimidation is having on our councils, councillors and staff, and the resulting effectiveness of local councils. In response, the Civility and Respect Project has been founded by the Civility and Respect Working Group and is supported by representatives from across our sector including SLCC, National Association of Local Councils (NALC), County Associations, One Voice Wales (OVW) and councils.

Good progress is being made with the Civility and Respect project. The cross-organisational workstream teams have been formed and are working hard to analyse some of the causes of bullying and harassment in the sector to identify tools to minimise opportunity for poor behaviour and provide support where it does happen.

One of the areas we have identified is that the Local Government Association (LGA) Model Code of Conduct 2020 (updated May 2021), which was supported by both SLCC and NALC, has not yet been widely adopted. The code has now been endorsed by the project team and you can find this, along with supporting guidance notes on the Civility and Respect page of our website here.

The Civility and Respect Project work is directed by our project manager, Michelle Moss and the February 2022 update can be viewed here.

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