Council tax to rise by 4.5% across England

5 March 2019

The Times and the Daily Telegraph report that analysis by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) has found that 96% of principal local authorities across England are putting up council tax for 2019/20, with an average increase of 4.5% coming in April, equivalent to £75.60 for an average Band D property.

The highest percentage increase, 5.1%, is coming in London, while the North East will see the highest increase of more than £85, while the lowest percentage rise, 4.1%, is coming in the East of England. Rob Whiteman, chief executive of CIPFA, is quoted as saying: “The extent of the rises are a reflection of the incredible fiscal pressure faced by local authorities and police. Without a bolder vision from Government, the future of these services is increasingly being put at risk. Despite the Government’s announcement that austerity is ending, for local authorities this is clearly not the case. Long term they remain in an unsustainable position. Ministers need to make radical decisions to secure the future of public services.”


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