New Civility & Respect podcasts – councils responsibilities as employers

10 November 2022

The Civility and Respect Project team have worked in partnership with Chris Moses, Managing Director of Personnel Advice and Solutions Ltd, to deliver a series of podcasts explaining councils responsibilities as employers. The first two out of the series of seven podcasts have been produced so far.

One of the key areas which challenges relationships between councillors and clerks is the council’s responsibility as employer for the clerk.  Councils which support and value their staff are better able to deliver their objectives and adapt to changing needs or priorities. Whether the council employs a single member of staff for a few hours a week, or a large and varied team of individuals, good employment practice from recruitment through to support and development is key to achieving the best outcomes for your communities.

In this first podcast Chris Moses explains the importance of ensuring local councils have an effective personnel committee, what the responsibilities of the committee are and gives an overview of the key issues including:

  • Who is best suited to be on the committee?
  • Effective Terms of Reference.
  • Having the right contacts
  • Statutory requirements for effective line management.

Click here to watch Podcast 1.

In the second podcast Chris Moses covers the key considerations for councils in relation to recruitment including:

  • Deciding who in the Council is responsible for recruitment.
  • Drafting the person specification
  • Designing the job advert around the needs of the Council.
  • Objective/non-discriminatory selection criteria.
  • Asking the right questions, in the right place at the right time.
  • Using objective and measurable methods to select the right person
  • Entitlement to work in the UK and Inductions.

Click here to watch Podcast 2.

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