Enhancements to the SLCC Advice Library

25 April 2023

We’re pleased to launch the update of the SLCC advice library which further enhances the already comprehensive advice available to SLCC members.

The library now features over 300 new advice notes including environment and sustainability, charities and their accounts, community right to challenge, councillor election and co-option, data protection, employment, highways, insurance and risk management, and more. As well as a new series from Andrew Towlerton, SLCC Planning Advisor, which examine the options available to a local council when it considers a planning authority has made a bad or wrong planning decision. The updated notes also look at a power available to the Secretary of State or Minister of Wales to ‘call in’ a planning application, the role of the Ombudsman, the circumstances in which a Local Planning Authority (LPA) and the Secretary of State in England and Wales can ‘revoke’ planning permission, and more.

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