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Entitlement of Parish and Town Councils to Grant Funding

Time Published 5 August 2020

This article applies in England only.

The Government has confirmed that parish and town councils in England which occupy rate-able non-domestic property are entitled to the Small Business Grant of £10,000 under the same conditions as any other occupier, as set out on the government website here. Principal authorities which are in doubt can be referred to the email of 4 August from the Government’s Business Grants Funds Team (the entire cost of Small Business Grants is met by central Government).

Parish and town councils in England can also apply for a Local Authority Discretionary Grant in the same way as any other ‘small business’. Further details are available here.​

Parish and town councils are not entitled to the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant, nor can they benefit from the ‘business rates expanded retail discount’.

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