Civility & Respect – Respectful Social Media


How councils and councillors can get the most from social media and realise the opportunities it presents whilst dealing effectively with the problems that can arise.
For councils, we’ll consider the opportunities and risks across different social media platforms from a civility and respect perspective. We will explore a range of proactive and pre-emptive strategies councils can put in place to set themselves up for success. We’ll learn what to do if things go wrong and how to manage a range of scenarios from trolling to harassment and practical what steps you can take.

For councillors, we will consider what our personal ‘digital tone of voice’ sounds like on social media, our use of language and its role in positive two-way communication. We will explore methods for dealing with attacks, bullying and ‘trolling’ and ways in which you can control your social media. We’ll share best practice and discuss when you need to be mindful of council policies as well as the Code of Conduct.



£30 +VAT

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No CPD points are available for this session.

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