We are all unique and react differently to various situations and challenges and communicate accordingly. We are different, but we are predictably different. Our preferences give us a great insight into our communication, behaviour, motivation, decisions and the choices we make.

The Communication Styles and Building Better Relationships webinar will introduce you to the DISC personality model that will help you understand people in minutes, and using this knowledge will help you build more positive and effective interactions and mutually beneficial relationships.

Part one objectives:

  • Introduce you to the DISC personality profiling model
  • Develop an enhanced understanding of people’s preferences, behavioural and communication styles – including their strengths and blind spots (based on the DISC model)
  • Increase your appreciation and understanding of the value of personality differences, and utilizing each other’s strengths
  • Give you practical tips on recognizing and improving communication across the different styles, including learning to speak a different ‘style’ language, finding common language and building better relationships

Part two objectives:

  • Provide a practical revision of the different communication styles
  • Build on your knowledge from part 1, and take a deeper dive into people’s characteristics / communication styles (dos and don’ts / likes and dislikes)
  • Appreciate and explore your own blind spots, and how overusing your strengths can impact others
  • Be able to build your own improvement plan for creating a healthy working environment, positive working relationships, and make an impact on others


Wednesday 19 & 26 January, 2:00pm – 4:00pm


The cost for this webinar is:
SLCC Members – £120 + VAT
Non-Members – £140 + VAT

CPD points

Claim 2 CPD points for attending both sessions!

Joining instructions will be sent to you 3 weeks before the event (please check your spam inbox) and your invoice will be sent before the event. We advise that, on receipt of the joining instructions, you are liable for any fees incurred in order to attend the event.

About the Trainer

Roksana has a wealth of experience in the area of learning and development, having delivered bespoke training and coaching to individuals and teams in various settings for over 11 years.

Roksana is driven to help people get the best out of themselves and each other to create positive working relationships which are free of stress, bias and conflict. Her interest and knowledge in human behaviour, positive psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuroplasticity makes her well equipped when working with both individuals and teams to improve their awareness, motivation and drive, and develop confidence, clarity and vision, enabling them to build strong partnerships.

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