Around 3.5 million women aged over 50 years are currently employed in the UK, with symptoms having a huge impact on productivity and motivational levels.

Menopause is considered a taboo subject and as such women do not readily seek help, preferring to remain silent and bring in their own reasonable adjustments such as leaving work, taking a lesser role or reducing their hours.

This creates a personal and economic impact, but in addition employers have a social responsibility to do the right thing.

Menopause is where pregnancy was positioned 30/40 years ago, and today no inclusive employer would consider this to impact on a women’s career choices. Menopause needs the same elevation to normalise it, so it is not seen as a stand-alone or add on subject but a normal part of business.

This 1-hour webinar is designed to encourage conversations around practical needs and support, ensuring positive solutions across all levels of the council, and will cover:

  • Who is affected?
  • Symptoms and how they can be recognised
  • Individualised solutions


  • Impact in the workplace
  • Practical solutions to manage and support menopause at work



Wednesday 16 October, 10:00am – 11:00am


Members: £30 + VAT
Non-Members: £35 + VAT

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Informal meeting / talk between two mature females

About the Trainer

Lynda Bailey

For over a decade, Lynda has passionately advocated for menopause awareness, starting with West Midlands Police and expanding through her venture, Talking Menopause. Now, Lynda is thrilled to introduce her new initiative: Making Menopause Work.

Lynda has led change programmes in the workplace and has experienced the cultural and leadership challenges these can bring. She always seeks to make a positive difference and maintain the highest level of service to her clients. She values consistency, reliability, and brings experience, passion and energy to menopause, always looking to drive the conversation forward.

With a postmenopausal zest for life, Lynda is dedicated to helping workplaces foster open, confident conversations about menopause.

Lynda Bailey - Trainer photo

Making Menopause Work

At Making Menopause Work, we focus on engaging and leading positive menopause discussions and support across all levels of the workplace through tailored, interactive programmes aligned to your organisation’s culture.

Making Menopause Work helps improve productivity and reduce absenteeism by leading and encouraging confident conversations between colleagues around practical needs and support ensuring positive and practical solutions are implemented across all levels of the organisation.

Our mission is to increase knowledge and confidence within your organisation to talk about menopause and provide a supportive working environment. We are energising the menopause experience and making a difference, one conversation at a time.


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