Practitioners’ Conference 2021

A conference instigated by clerks for clerks and their councillors; this popular event continues to be populated by topics chosen by you and will be delivered virtually.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the 2021 Conference taking place over three days, Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th February 2021.

A unique blend of alternative workshops all of direct practical relevance to parish, community and town councils:

  • Set yourself free from subconscious bias
  • Exercise your mind to become resilient to tasks, events, people & negatively
  • Is your community missing out? Discover the grants & funding opportunities
  • What is diversity? What is takes to make your council diverse
  • Identify lost rights of way to ensure they are not lost forever!
  • All you need to know about the GPoC Regulations in Wales
  • Have a more positive social media presence & manage negative comments
  • Common issues & legislative requirements for those working in cemeteries

Full agenda will be launched soon! More session information can be found below.

What’s in it for you?

  • Choose your sessions – pick from a range of sessions to develop your own learning agenda
  • Tailored content – the mix of online workshops & plenary sessions will include relevant advice for clerks in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as guidance covering funding, communications, regulations & more!
  • CPD points – accrue CPD points to increase your knowledge as well as building your CPD log
  • Join your colleagues – meet up with your colleagues in the virtual networking session to share your experiences, learn from fellow clerks or just meet up with friends
  • Save time – the online delivery means there is no travel time plus you can learn from the comfort of your home or office!

How much?

Three days of training for only £75 + VAT members or £199 + VAT non-members.

Member price for non-members – bring along a fellow clerk, officer or councillor and get their non-member place for £75 + VAT!

Clerks in Wales – you could be eligible for a bursary towards 50% of the cost. Click here to find out more.

How do I book & register?

Book the event here, we’ll email you confirmation of the booking and send you the digital delegate pack before the event begins.

Included in your pack will be the agenda containing the Zoom links to register, register for every session before the conference begins. To register, simply click the registration link next to the session name and complete your details, you will then be sent a Zoom link which will allow you to join the session at the allotted time.

If you have any questions please email

A closer look at your sessions....

Diversity, not so Black & White

Becky Walsh, Communications Officer, Weston-super-Mare Town Council
Becky’s session will cover ‘What is diversity?’

• How bias gets into our subconscious and how to become free.
• Square peg in a round hole? Why shaving your sides to fit in is not the answer.
• Why a diverse organisation is a strong organisation.
• Why racists don’t know they are being racist.


Becky Walsh, Public Speaking Essentials

Positivity, Empowerment, Performance

Ken Hancott, Motivation, Positivity Training, Coaching & Therapy

As a previous speaker at SLCC Regional Training Seminars and National Conferences, Ken is back to deliver a “PEP Talk”. Ken is a Psychologist and former psychotherapist who wants to show you how to exercise your mind to become resilient to tasks, events, people and things that would usually affect you negatively and make you feel much happier about them.


Funding & Grants

Ian Morrell, Development Manager @65 High Street

Discover how to apply for grants:
1. Why do you need a grant?
2. How do you find them and apply?
3. Getting our ducks in a row: project partners, matched funding and timing
4. Meeting the grant funders requirements and completing the application
5. Being turned down. What have we learnt?
6. Success! Fulfilling the grant award contract


Ian Morrell

Values & Purpose at Work

Suki K Bassi, Chief Happiness Officer, HappyMaven

An uplifting session exploring the importance of putting VALUES & PURPOSE at the heart of what we, as individuals, do.

Just how important are personal values to our contribution at work? To our sense of professional achievement, human connectedness and overall happiness?

To find out, join Suki Bassi, Chief Happiness Officer (yes, you read that right) as she shares her own journey – from working with genocide survivors to community conflict resolution to FTSE500 Board rooms to discover her own true purpose.

To help you identify your own purpose, Suki will be sharing the Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’, roughly translated as ‘our reason for being’. A philosophy of insight, balance and finding joy and fulfilment in the daily routine of life.

Using the Ikigai as a tool to understand your strengths and passions you can also tap into your purpose to maximise your happiness – at home and at work.


Suki K Bassi

Ramblers, Don't Lose Your Way

Jack Cornish, Programme Manager, Don’t Lose Your Way at the Ramblers – Britain’s Walking Charity

There are 140,000 miles of rights of way across England and Wales. But there are also thousands of miles of rights of way which are not on the map and it they aren’t recorded by the 1st January 2026 they could be lost forever.

In the session you will learn how to identify potential lost rights of way in your area, how you can apply for a right of way to be added to the map, an overview of the evidence to claim rights of way and what support is available.


Jack Cornish

Creating Positive Content For Social Media & Managing Negativity

Sam Flynn, Managing Director, Sam Flynn Social Media
Sam Flynn has been training businesses in the use of social media for over 9 years. She has a background in business psychology and uses this in her training to help businesses understand how to build relationships with their online audience. Sam speaks regularly at events worldwide about achieving success on social media and has written a book – Social Media Super Success.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to have a more positive social media presence
  • What content to share beyond council news
  • How to encourage people to engage with that content
  • How to manage any negativity in the comments
  • How to avoid negativity going forward


Crisis Management

Patricia Marks, Founder & CEO, Somerset Business Agency

The COVID pandemic left even the most prepared organisations battling to deal with operational and managerial difficulties which were never anticipated let alone planned for. Develop your four step, emergency plan to future-proof your council.

Consider your councils capabilities and establish your planning team to ensure your council are ready to implement the plan if the unthinkable should happen.

Patricia Marks is a highly client focused and commercially astute senior business professional specialising in business development and project management, significant experience of working with public sector organisations and a proven record of accomplishment in the successful delivery of programmes and development projects.

Patricia Marks is a highly client focused and commercially astute senior business professional specialising in business development and project management, significant experience of working with public, private and third sector organisations and a proven record of accomplishment in the successful delivery of programmes and development projects within the areas of employment, education, charity, healthcare, business, environment and agriculture.

Melksham Community Response

Linda Roberts, Clerk to Melksham Town Council
Melksham Community Response was established to provide the necessary support to the communities in Melksham, Wiltshire and its surrounding villages as they entered lockdown in March 2020.
Linda will speak of her experience of establishing the delivery partnership, financing the operation, setting up the acclaimed Melksham Community Response network and the supporting communications infrastructure – all in an incredibly short lead time! Then repurposing and training the partners’ staff teams so they could manage the systems, recruiting the volunteer delivery teams and making local people aware of the service offer.
Amazing people, heart-breaking stories, new friendships and 100-hour weeks followed.
Click here to watch our story


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Unleashing Community Power

Hazel Stuteley O.B.E, Chair of C2 National Network of Connected Communities (C2NN)

This session will cover an overview of C2 Connecting Communities from a police & partnership perspective and what can be done in your community. We will then focus on ‘Community Power’ and the variety of strategies including ‘resilient communities’ and discuss ways in which your council can enable such approaches. Underpinning all of this will be the health & wellbeing impact of such an approach on the community.


Hazel Stuyeley

“You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know"

Johnathan Bourne BA(Hons) PGCAP FHEA FSLCC, Module Tutor, Community Governance

The dilemma facing many clerks is that they do not always recognise the skills they already hold whilst always seeking to improve their knowledge. This can breed a crushing lack of confidence.

The aim of this session will be to instil confidence and help clerks to give themselves credit for what they already do.


Johnathan Bourne FSLCC, Community Governance Module Tutor

An Overview of Cemetery Management and Compliance

Sofia Allana, Technical Services and Journal Officer, Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management (ICCM)

Sofia joined Golders Green Crematorium, part of the London Cremation Company, in 2002. It didn’t take her long to realise that she had a real passion for the bereavement sector and within a short period of time became manager. After 5 years at Golders Green learning about the industry she joined Islington & Camden Cemetery Service, one of the largest cemeteries in London covering 192 acres, as the Deputy Cemetery Operations Manager. During her 12-year career she learnt many different aspects of the service, and progressed to become Head of Service.
Sofia represented the ICCM as their President in 2018 and in 2019 joined the ICCM as a Technical Services and Journal Officer.

This presentation will cover some of the main compliance requirements covered in legislation and some of the common issues faced by those working in cemeteries.


Sofia Allana

Feedback from the 2020 delegates

“Thanks to all involved. It really was a great conference, with really useful workshops. The exhibitors were also good to meet, even if providing services we don’t use, it’s always good for future projects. After Paul McGee’s presentation I felt as I was sitting taller, topped up with some self- belief and self-confidence. Jane Biscombe went on to underpin the sentiments with the Critical Conversations workshop. What a positive and powerful start to the conference (and all in one morning!) Brilliant, thank you all. It’s just what a lot of Clerks needed to hear.” Helen Watson FSLCC, Town Clerk, Beverley Town Council

“I always enjoying meeting supportive clerks and networking.”

“The networking at all SLCC events are great. It’s just remembering everything you’ve been told afterwards! Really enjoyed it. It felt like a battery re-charge – thank you!”

“The hotel was excellent especially the food. Thanks to all who worked hard to come up with topical and interesting features. A difficult task done very well.”

“Extremely well organised, SLCC extremely welcoming, quality of speakers was good, venue was very good – overall a motivational day”

Over 90% of attendees found their overall experience of Practitioners’ 2020 ‘good’or ‘excellent’

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