Climate Emergency Series 2: Reducing Energy Use In Buildings – 3rd Mar


Retrofit Basics, Heritage Considerations, Buying Green Energy..


Reducing energy use in our buildings is one of the three main challenges for all levels of government looking to tackle the climate emergency (along with waste and transport). Local councils have a limited say in the planning policies that dictate the energy standards required in new developments, but new developments will only be a tiny fraction of our future homes; the bulk of the buildings we will be living in by 2050 are already here, and so retrofitting our existing homes, offices and shops is really the bigger challenge.


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3rd March, 10:00am – 11:30am

Webinar duration: 1.5 hours

Retrofit has proven a difficult nut to crack for central government (witness the failure of the coalition government’s flagship ‘Green Deal’ funding programme), but is an area where local level action can really make a difference.  One of the key challenges for retrofit is spreading understanding of good practice, helping to stimulate supply chain development, creating a level of local demand, and supporting peer to peer learning so that trust in retrofit processes is increased.  Parish and town councils operate at the level nearest to the community, so are well placed to educate and support communities on this.

Leading by example, parish and town councils can also retrofit their own buildings, and use this process as the centerpiece of a local engagement process on what works.

As well as explaining what retrofit is, the principles of supply chain development, and the basics of finance for local retrofit, this webinar will also introduce parish clerks to the basics of auditing their own buildings, tools that local councils can give to local residents, the principles of ‘heritage-friendly retrofit’, the difference between a truly green energy tariff and a tariff that is really just ‘greenwash’.

About the Trainers

Kate Watson, Senior Project Manager, Retrofit

Kate has 10 years of experience working in the energy retrofit sector and a further 10 in the wider construction refurbishment sector. A skilled project manager with experience delivering a wide range of projects, from £1million plus commercial fit-out projects, bespoke energy retrofit of traditional buildings and programmes of energy efficiency improvements. She has specialist knowledge of solid wall insulation, building physics and issues around quality installations, and a particular interest in sympathetic retrofit of traditional construction buildings.

Kate applies this experience in developing the contractor supply chain to support the ‘able to pay’ retrofit sector through the FutureProof project.  Prior to this Kate was responsible for energy efficiency schemes for Bristol City Council, and project managed a number of commercial energy efficiency improvements in museums, schools and other municipal buildings.

Megan Blyth, Senior Project Worker

Megan has experience in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, literature review and communication around the topics of environment, society and energy. Megan is primarily involved in CSE’s youth programme: mentoring young participants, research, recruitment, updating the website and social media account, and producing engagement and training materials. She’s also led the development phase of CSE’s climate emergency support programme for parishes, through identifying networks of local councils and giving presentations to local groups.


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