Four Day Working Week Trial a “Success”

24 February 2023

It has been reported that the trial undertaken by 4 day global, a group campaigning for a four day week which involved over 60 organisations has now concluded and judged as a success. The trial included office based software designers, recruitment firms, a charity and a local fish and chip shop took part.

An overwhelming majority of the organisations (56 out of 61) have extended the trial and 18 have made it permanent. The number of sick days taken during the trial fell by two thirds and 57% fewer staff left their job compared to the same period a year earlier and many more applications to work at the companies are now being received. Employees received their full pay for a 4 day week during this period.

The researchers said that wellbeing of staff had improved and productivity had been maintained or improved. Scrutiny of the report and the four day week working was carried out by Oxford and Cambridge University among others.

Click here to read the full report.

The report is now being presented to MP’s for their review.

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