Funding to support joint arrangement in Wales

21 February 2019

As part of its commitment to supporting the community council sector the Welsh Government is offering grants towards facilitating interest around joint working on particular common issues.

£35,000 is available in 2019-20 to help councils who are already considering options for joint working around a set of core themes to take their thinking forward into practical application.

The funding will continue to support setting up joint arrangements to address the core themes of community engagement, increasing citizen participation and engagement in local democracy, and working together on a shared service.  The theme of working together on a shared service has been extended for 2019-20 to include exploring scope for shared back office functions.  Some of the potential benefits for councils in considering joint activity around these core themes are listed in this document.

The Welsh Government contribution for joint proposals will be capped at £5k as a one-off grant.  Proposals will need to demonstrate joint working between councils and commit to delivery of all activity and outputs before the end of 2019-20.

Applications can be submitted via the following documents:

Application Form guidance notes

Application Form



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